Copyright and Permissions

Writers, both Autistic and non-autistic, spend a considerable amount of time and energy on our creations. Some of us are freelance writers who work at writing for a living; others write blog posts primarily to share with others on the Internet. All writers deserve respect when it comes to copyrights and permissions.

ALL material on this blog site is the property of the original writer. No material can be reprinted without permission of the original author. 

If you want to reprint something you see here, and do not know how to contact the author, you may contact me at pdurbinwestby @ gmail dot com 

Because Autism Speaks has recently taken the writings of Autistic people without permission, I need to post a reminder on each of the interviews I post on the Autism Acceptance Day site. There is to be NO quoting or making images or memes with the writings from this blog site. It is a violation of the original writer's intellectual property rights to do so. The image below shows part of the original image they made using an Autistic person's writings without asking. This image was shared widely without its author's knowledge. I have altered the image because the person does not want their name associated with this.

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